Fitting in the furniture

I get the urge to draw detailed plans from my father. When he used to work on the pipes in our house or helped out in one of my siblings’ houses, he always knew exactly what to do thanks to his research and his beautifully drawn plans. I was always curious about his detailed schemes and asking him questions about what all the squiggly lines and symbols meant.

I think the first detailed plan I drew was of my second student flat. I had suddenly had to move out of the previous one because the landlord was selling the entire house, leaving me with only two weeks to find a new place before the beginning of my third Bachelor year. I was nervous about getting everything in there, the room was smaller than my then-current one and it had three doors to boot. When I drew the whole place out and pasted in my cut-out furniture, I retrieved my cool.

Whenever I feel like I have no control, I tend to clean or plan. It eases the mind and occupies the hands. Perfect for someone who sometimes gets just a tad neurotic.
The first night after we visited our future apartment, I couldn’t sleep. I was visualizing Tim’s and my furniture on the hardwood floors, saw my picture frames up on the white walls and my curtains in front of the windows.

After five excited days and an equal amount of sleepless nights I couldn’t control myself anymore and I asked Marek, who currently lives there with his wife and baby, for the exact measurements of the place. I quickly got a response with his estimated measurements. Using those, the pictures used in the advert and a bit of my own memory, I drew out the floor plan of the apartment. At home, we measured all of our furniture and I now have a detailed plan of the apartment and bonus – a little more tranquility in my mind. Enjoy! I know I do ^_^



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