About me

Hi there,

My name is Silke, but my friends call me Slinki.

I started this blog when I moved in with my significant other (his name is Tim). Because the thought of moving in together brought up a ton of emotions and interior design ideas, I decided to create this blog and share the love. Our third roomy is a fuzzball named Ananas, a black fluffy cat who loves chilling out with us two, as well as hanging out and playing with the 10+ other cats in the adjoining gardens behind our apartment.

I’m an Illustrator by education, a web designer by profession, and an over all DIY lover by procrastination.

Moving in together is definately showing to have its perks, and I’m looking forward to sharing our home and cat projects with you!

This is us on moving day (cue mooshy music):


Lots of love!


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