Favorite nook

And so the decorating begins…

A lot of stuff is happening in the apartment. Between me discovering Pinterest – thus completely losing myself in DIY plans – and actual life happening, I found some time to decorate over the past few weeks.

Bit by bit, we’re putting the finishing touches on things (not that anything is ever really ‘finished’, nor should it be in any living space*).

So now there’s this handsome corner that leads from the sitting area in the living room to the bathroom. It used to be a nothing-space, white and empty and stuff, but aha! No more!


Reasons why this is now my favourite thing to look at
  1. Our great high ceilings give us the room to experiment, like for example with a shelf right above a doorway.There’s about a meter and a half of space left between the shelf and the ceiling, plenty room for plants and picture frames.
  2. It fits perfectly into our BUY ALL THE PLANTS-plan! Plus ivy makes me want to use the word ethereal. Which is a nice word to think of when you walk underneath its strands to go take a shower.
  3. I finally found a great spot for this art print, a portrait by the talented Dieter Vanfraechem (check out his amazing portfolio) that I never displayed before.
    So why would I have been hesitant to display it?
    Well, that’s me in the picture (plays You’re So Vain by Carly Simon in the background). And I’m a bit scarcely clad, which I absolutely don’t mind looking at, so I love having it out** until maybe the in-laws come visit. It’s one thing to have my naked lady drawings hanging everywhere, but yeah. You catch my drift, probably. Eve-points for the subtle leafy-coverup!
  4. I had this pretty shelf still lying around and the black brackets work great with the black and white books, the portrait and various black details on the rest of our living room furniture.


I am happy to say that since last Saturday, when we raided IKEA (and our bank accounts), my desk is no longer moonlighting as a dining room table, but now has it’s own corner complete with golden fairy lights (yes, DIY project) and the ever sexy looking Eames rocker. How I’ve missed having a workspace!

Love, Slinki

* Get it? Living space? *adjusts glasses*
** Thaha!